Car Stereo Installation Services for Lakeland Hills * Yamaha * Pioneer * Sony


Your car is special to you, and so is the music you listen to. Do you know what else is important? The music you listen to on your car radios. That is why it is important to seek quality car stereo installation services in Lakeland Hills, WA so you can rest easy knowing that something so important is handled by the professionals from the car stereo installation industry. Auburn Sounds on Wheels is just the team you need for all your car stereo installation needs in Lakeland Hills.

Let us take the hassle out of installing the sound system, and enjoy the peace of mind that it is done right! Our car stereo installation services in Lakeland Hills offers some of the leading brands in this industry, such as:

  • Yamaha
  • Pioneer
  • Sony

Car Radios and Stereo Systems for Great Sounds in Lakeland Hills Vehicles


Pop, rock or country. No matter what your preferred genre of music is, we will have you thumping to the beats in no time. We will look at the components you require to have reliable, incredible sounding audio, and then will help you choose the right stereo systems and car radios in Lakeland Hills area.

If you are ready for that car radio that you always wanted, get in touch with us today. Our customers know they can count on us for quality car radios in Lakeland Hills. We are here to make your music-on-the-go experience an absolute pleasure. Our features include:

  • Only trained car stereo installation experts on site
  • We test car radio wiring circuits before, during and after installation
  • Certified installers to ensure manufacturers guidelines are met
  • Our customer satisfaction record is flawless.

Car Audio Installation for Lakeland Hills * Speakers & In Dash DVD Player


Whatever you need fitted our car audio installation experts in Lakeland Hills can get the job done. From installing in-dash DVD player to speakers, we can do it all. Our car audio installation team in Lakeland Hills has the experience to ensure your system sounds as good or even better as it did in the showroom. Our car audio installation team in Lakeland Hills knows how to fine-tune your sound system to ensure quality sound. We offer:

  • Customized car audio installation
  • State-of-the art tools and equipment
  • Delivery on time and within budget

Contact Auburn Sounds on Wheels for quality car audio installation services in Lakeland Hills. Call us at 253-217-4800. We look forward to serving you.