Car Stereo Installation Services for Des Moines * Yamaha * Pioneer * Sony


If you need a car stereo installation service in Des Moines, WA, look no further! Sound On Wheels provides one of the best car stereo installation services to Des Moines residents.

If you are someone who likes taking solo road trips, you will surely need a car stereo installation service in the Des Moines region. Our experts of car stereo installation serving the Des Moines area will ensure that your road trips become a lot more fun by filling them up with music.

If you want an entertainment experience that you always dreamt of, choose our company to install a music system in your vehicle. Our service provides a music system that has been designed to match your exact requirements.

Our service also includes:

  • Beefing up vehicle security
  • Drager installation
  • Vehicle accessories

Car Radios and Stereo Systems for Great Sounds in Des Moines Vehicles


Always put your faith in an expert to install car radios in your Des Moines vehicle. Our experts of car radios serving Des Moines are professionals at designing sound systems with a compelling bass sound.

The system our car radio experts in the Des Moines area put into your vehicle is sure to satisfy the audiophile in you. Each and every little sound will be heard crystal clear by your ears, thanks to our car radio experts in the Des Moines region.

Our professionals install the following to make your vehicle sound exactly how you want:

  • Tweeters
  • Woofers
  • Amplifiers

With years of experience in this field, our seasoned professionals know exactly what the customers want. Their job is sure to exceed your expectations and make your trust in our service even stronger.

Car Audio Installation for Des Moines * Speakers & In Dash DVD Player


Car audio installation for Des Moines vehicles is more than just music nowadays. The developments in the area of car audio installation in today’s day and age have allowed Des Moines vehicle owners to convert their four-wheeler into a moving console of pure entertainment.

Our car audio installation in the Des Moines area has the ability to provide you with not only surround sound but also blue ray quality video. People in the Des Moines area prefer our car audio installation services because we offer:

  • Extensive variety of music systems and accessories
  • Custom-made music systems
  • Dependable and reliable services

Sound On Wheels provides elite services of car radios and car stereo installation. Call 253-217-4800 to talk to our car audio installation expert serving Des Moines.