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Car Stereo Installation for Auburn Vehicles • Sony • Kenwood • Pioneer

car-audio-maple-valley-waAlmost everyone in this world enjoys listening to some nice music while they are driving long or short distances. Having a car stereo allows you to listen to your favorite songs. 

Car stereo installation helps you have your favorite songs at the touch of a button. However, car stereo installation needs to be done properly with professional help. 

Therefore, Auburn Sounds on Wheels provides all the residents of Auburn, WA with the finest car stereo installation services so that they never have to travel without having their favorite music to listen to. 

Car Alarms and Remote Car Starter Installation in Auburn

car-speakers-auburn-waThousands of cars are stolen each year, and even if they are found, they tend to have severe damage done to them. Car alarms are the best way to prevent such mishaps from happening, and thus are vital additions to every car in Auburn. 

Car alarms protect your vehicle from defacement, vandalism and theft by alerting the owners to anybody interfering with the vehicle. 

With prevention always being a better option than a cure, these car alarms should be everyone’s priority. 

Some of the various car alarms that are available are:

• Active alarm
• Passive alarm
• Factory alarm
• After-market alarm
• Audible alarm
• GPS car alarm 

Drager Interlock Installation in Auburn • Certified Service Technician

custom-stereo-install-federal-way-waAn ignition interlock device is a device that prevents the start of a vehicle unless particular conditions are fulfilled. 

A Drager Interlock install allows you to have a system that will prevent the start of the car unless you are the one starting the car. 

A Drager Interlock install will prevent a vehicle from being stolen by preventing it from being driven by anyone else other than you. This will save you the trouble of having your vehicle stolen. 

A certified technician from Auburn Sounds on Wheels will come over to your location and install the interlock ignition device, either for legal or safety reasons. Homes with unruly teens can also utilize this for their own protection. 

If you are looking for Drager Interlock install services or car stereo installation in Auburn, give us a call at 253-217-4800, and we will ensure that your troubles are taken care of.